What inspires me

Have you ever wondered how I come up with different shoot ideas all the time?  Or maybe you saw a particular portrait and wondered how I came up with the concept?  Well, my friend you are not alone…  One of my social media clients, Vivian, a graphic designer in Boston, also wondered why and sent me an email asking that very question.

She asked curiously, “I have a tough time staying in a creative moment.  What inspires you?”

Inspiration and creativity is something that is not always on, but through the years, I have figured out what helps my mind open up.  The places that brings ideas to me.

There are 3 main things that inspire me or I get inspiration from on a regular basis:


2️⃣Vogue / Vanity Fair magazines


If you would like to hear more about these inspiration triggers, I made a little video to explain further.   And there may or may not be guest appearances by my pups!  And now they will want model pay 🙄

Driving on an open road always gives me the best ideas. Knowing where you are most susceptible to inspiration is really key, but do not push yourself.  Creativity is not an and off faucet, but knowing yourself well, can help fuel the ideas.

If you have insight, advice, questions, leave them here…I’d love to chat!   Or let’s connect on any of the social media sites below even better 😍

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