How to Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s world, being an original is much more valuable than following along with the “pack”. Find ways to set yourself apart from all the other people or businesses.

Will this feel awkward? Maybe, but the alternative is to:

  1. Not attract new clients
  2. Or not attract a new employer.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather feel awkward and uncomfortable than be unemployed longer or with no clients. What are you waiting for?!

>>> So what would I suggest for you to get started? <<<<<

My 3 tips for standing apart from the crowd:

✅Lead don’t follow! Motivating others by doing will shine your brightness. Learn to get comfortable with the attention my friend.

✅Try doing what others too scared to do. Early on in my business career, I chose to find ways to market myself that the other photographers in the area were not doing. For me that was video. I created behind the scenes videos of my client shoots and posted them on my youtube channel. I got the idea from Vogue magazine and I made it my own.

>>> It helped my SEO, it showed prospective clients what my shoots were like and they were funny to watch. AND it gave future clients great ideas about what I could do for them. <<<<

✅Combine some of your interests to make you extra special or at the very least different. Being different should be what you strive for every day. I combine my love of teaching history, traveling, photography and social media and just make it work.

>>> And to all the haters out there, I say “Stay in your own darn lane, dear friends! My path is none of their business cause I am the captain of my own ship.” And you, my friend are the captain of your own ship! <<<

So my friend, what have you wanted to do, but been afraid of the attention? Comment below so we can all root you on!