Want to know the quickest way to transform your life?

I read her email and immediately felt her struggles and stress.  I could feel it in her very words.   Stacy, an event planner in Kansas City, sent me an email a few weeks back talking about her struggles and asking for focus and energy.

She wrote, “At the end of every week, I feel exhausted and stressed from working all week, but when i look back at my week, it seems like my to do list just keeps growing.  I feel like I am free-falling and so overwhelmed. How can I get my life in order?”

Stacy, you are are not alone by any means.   All of us out here, including myself, feel unproductive and spinning out of control at some point.   The biggest win is that you recognize that and is the FIRST step in regaining control of your time.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” — Jim Rohn

Here are 3 simple ways to transform how you view, plan, and use your time. This means:

  • ✅ Mastering time management strategies – to get more done in less time.   Plan out your week ahead of time and write down measurable tasks.  Assign a day and time for each.
  • ✅ Effective daily planning – to make your 1,440 daily minutes stretch further.   Don’t think of hours or seconds, instead focus on how productive you can be in minutes.
  • ✅ Cultivating focus and avoiding procrastination – to waste fewer seconds.   Turn off other websites while working.  Turn off phone and text and work in a room with just the one thing you need to do right then.

Manage time to expand your day, and you’ll free up more capacity to create a life you love. Stick around and we’ll help you do this.

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