1. How to kick anxiety to the curb

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.” — Brian Tracy

Despite the best-laid plans, life isn’t always predictable. External events and unexpected circumstances often create chaos – causing us to lose focus and get distracted.

Especially at times like these currently, you can reclaim some sense of security by focusing on what you can control.

  • ✴️ Find comfort in your habits.
  • ✴️ Find structure in your plans.
  • ✴️ Find certainty in your routines.

Then, use the power of focus to direct your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the things most likely to give you what you want.

That’s how your best self can thrive – regardless of what’s going on around you.

Friends, today I went live on LinkedIn and Facebook to discuss “How to kick anxiety to the curb“. Especially now more than ever, we need to find some areas of our life to keep control of, otherwise, overwhelm will take root and never let you go.

Actionable Items for you

  1. Structure and Routines
  2. Use Zoom
  3. Don’t fixate on the News
  4. Take a break
  5. Exercise & Eat Healthy

Listen in to my recent podcast for some valuable action items I share

Podcast Episode #1 Kick Anxiety to the Curb During a Pandemic

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