How to Increase the Value of Instagram Stories

I get it, no seriously I do… Instagram stories can be so binge-worthy for everyone else, but when trying to create your own, the crickets can be heard miles away, like in Canada faraway.

With a tad bit of planning your stories can be just as binge-worthy and create great engagement. But first >>before<< you start posting stories, let’s think about >>what<< you want to give as in >>give value<<.

Creating stories can be supper easy but you have to think of it as a mini movie or lesson. Hence… a BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END. And with maybe a bonus thrown in there.

“Nothing BIG will happen in your life, until you build off of the many SMALL things.”

John Paul Aguilar

The major KEY is to create stories that entice the viewer to engagement.

Just like a mini movie or lesson

✅ Give them a head’s up on what you will be sharing or talking about. Kind of like a really cool street sign to Cancun.

✅ The core of the story “line” is to tips or insights about you are your business that is helpful TO THE VIEWER.

✅ Give them a way to engage. You have to ask for what you want, but in a flirty kind of way. Great examples are simple polls with stickers; Questions either they asked or you answer because no one is asking yet (boo they don’t have to know there are crickets). And an A+ if can get them to DM you. Instagram gods will think you are the top banana if viewers DM you.

>>The secret sauce is to make it super, super easy on whatever you want them to respond to<<

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