7. Be Messy

“Messy action is far better than no action.”

Friends, today’s topic is epic. Yes I said epic! Epic because at the very base of everything you do is something akin to mindset.

See I firmly believe there are two types of people in the world. Start thinking which one you are… In today’s podcast, I discuss the two types and the characteristics of each and just exactly what each does to help or hinder you.

  • First, there is The Thinker
  • Second, there is The Doer

So many of our life choices can be strongly changed as a result how we think and ultimately act and today’s episode dives into how each type of thinking determines your success and path.

Have you figured out which type you are yet? Friends, now is the time to assess your way of thinking and how you take action. Stop procrastinating, stop the endless to-do lists and step outside of your comfort zone with that first small step. It is time to stop giving in to your fear of whatever that “thing” is that you fear. Stop with the endless “buts” and just take the deep dive. I am so looking forward to hearing what you learn from this episode and how you go out and take the world head on. To listen now click >>HERE<<. 

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