11. A Conversation with Valaencia Thompson of Glittered In Goals

“I thought that to be strong I needed to keep it all inside. Truth is, my vulnerability is strength.”

Valaencia Thompson

Fear of vulnerability can keep us all locked in and hurting. When we let our guard down and share our truth, whatever that might be, you will be shocked to see how many people respond with love, insight and understanding. Stepping into the light is a beautiful thing.

On this episode, I have a special guest… Houston-based Valaencia Thompson, mental health enthusiast and founder of Glittered In Goals. We chat about this crazy year of 2020, her journey, why she is such a advocated of mental health and what exactly is “Glittered In Goals”. We met on LinkedIn and I loved her from our first conversation! This episode is all kinds of good and hopefully will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

Valaencia Thompson is the CEO of the Houston based women’s community called Glittered in Goals. Glittered in Goals is a mental health and wellness community. She is a speaker, writer, host, yogi, plant mom, native Houstonian, and lover of people. FROREALDOE is an acronym that represents her values: Faith, Relationships, Optimism, Realness, Empathy, Admiration, Love, Dreams, Overcoming, & Encouragement. In 2016 those values led her to start her business/community Glittered in Goals!

In this episode, we discuss

  • Mental Health
  • Valaencia’s journey with eating disorders
  • Her motivation
  • Glittered in Goals

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