A Conversation with Brian McCaman, Host ~ Werk Perks Podcast

“Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

– Babe Ruth

Brian McCaman spent many years working in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, but strangely enough baseball is not his preferred pleasure sport. Yet in some strange way, the lore of our American pastime seemed to fit as a motto for his life up until now.

Brian with Woodford

As we discuss in the podcast (you can listen >>HERE<<), Brian and I became acquainted on the LinkedIn platform. Honestly, not all connections I make actually evolve, but my southern upbringing has always instilled in me the love of meeting new people and learning about their journeys. 

There truly are times when you get a true sense of a person’s personality in their writing/comments, and with Brian, I sensed humor, definitely humor and the mutual love of Eddie Van Halen, pups and box thrones for our respective laptops (explained in the podcast).

As I focus more on mindset for professionals this year, Brian’s journey seemed to play right into that conversation. And yes, folks, we laugh a ton in this episode.

Brian with Woodford

Brian is the host of Werk Perks Podcast and resides in the Tampa Bay area with his wife (an ER nurse) and their 2 pups.

Conversations points:

  • Working with MLB
  • Taking a leap of faith multiple times
  • Dogs, cause they should be in every conversation
  • Work/life balance
  • Life during the pandemic
  • His “Werk Perks Podcast”
  • And so much more!

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