Likability And How It Can Help You Win The Game

I was recently asked what is the secret to winning the ‘game’.   The game being success or some version of success.

>>Likability is a huge ingredient when it comes to winning<<

After years as a professional, the biggest ingredient in the likability factor is so simple.

>>Smiling, in my opinion, is the instant game changer.<<

Not smiling one time, but smile often.   Why do you think that Coca-Cola used smile as a part of their brand. Remember the commercials ‘have a coke and a smile”.

SMILE and smile often – I get it most people are so consumed in their head with worry and self-doubt so smiling is almost an impossible action to start let alone maintain.   But smiling, before anything else will connect you with people.  It will change their first impression of you. It will relax them.  A smile will show interest and confidence.  A smile, in all honesty, connects the world when words can not.  Just try it for a week.  Smile more at people when you see them, yes strangers especially.  Smile when you are talking on the phone.  Smile when you are talking in a zoom room.  Share your video screen in a zoom room and smile a lot.

Others ways to be likable:

  • Be helpful
  • Compliment others genuinely and when deserved
  • Listen attentively – stay off your phone and look people in the eye as you listen.  Nodding to give the signal you are listening.
  • Be humble
  • Be confident – not cocky
  • Sit or stand up straight – this goes hand in hand with being confident
  • Ask questions – this shows interest and gives the other person an idea of what to say

Studies show that likable people get promoted, elected and compensated more than those who are less likable.  Likable people also tend to get better service from doctors, sales people and serves in eating establishments.  And yes likable people also excel better in job interviews.

The one thing to keep in mind is that likable people are NOT born that way.  People learn to be likable and honestly, this is the easiest part to learn.  Take 7 days and implement some of the above suggestions and see for yourself the results.

When you choose to improve your likability factor you will enjoy better health, increase your influence and become more successful in life and you will have an impact on others.

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