Be Your Own Cheerleader: Maintaining Motivation In Job Search

If you struggle with motivation in job search, then I’ve got a solution for you.

Job search can be be emotionally and mentally hard from the moment you are let go by your employer. The walk out that door feels like everything you have worked towards has been ripped from you and you are left bare to the elements of the outside world. 

But, that feeling is so NOT true!

For most folks, job titles come to mean status and a defining moment about our very essence, but in all honesty, >> we are so much more than a job title <<.

The first step in regaining your  is to realize that you are not defined by your job title.  There are so many roles that you may play in any given day or week, and yes, your job title is one of those roles, but it is not the ONLY role you have.

The second thought you should consider is that while yes, the official title is gone, the rest of you is still the same person as the minutes before your were let go.  No one took your education, your experience, your skills or your knowledge and that is your arsenal from which to launch your job search.

Here are 8 important reminders to help you stay positive, motivated and pushing forward:

  1. It’s not you, it’s them; not everyone is a fit for every job, nor is every job right for you.
  2. Remind yourself of your successes and accomplishments; review your achievements regularly so you keep those in the forefront of your mind because you are uniquely special and qualified.  You are the right fit for a company that is looking for you.
  3. Focus on what you can control; there is a good portion of job search out of our control… email responses, interview call backs, job availability. Instead of analyzing what possibly went wrong, start focusing on actions that you can take to move yourself forward.
  4. Keep your eye on the specific jobs you are best suited for, not just any job; don’t apply to every single job that you can remotely do, instead focus your time and energy on those jobs with the highest compatibility to your unique skill sets, experience and education.
  5. Give yourself time off in the evenings and weekends; our mental and physical beings must are rested and allowed time to regroup in order to go back into “battle” the next day.
  6. Every experience is chance to learn; every experience whether small or large is the chance to learn something new to move you forward.
  7. Reframe your mindset and create positive self-talk and actions; mindset is one the biggest blocks in job search.  So many people tell themselves “i’m not good enough” or “why would they want me” or “what’s the point in applying”, which actually stops you from action.  Changing your mindset to think “how can I” or “why not me” then propels you into action in the direction of what you want.
  8. Opportunities are everywhere, if you are looking with eyes wide open;  so many times, we miss opportunities because we are to busy wallowing in our own self-pity that we miss amazing opportunities.  Keep your eyes open and look for those “doors” that may open then be ready to seize the opportunity. 

With daily reminders, consistent action and positive reflection, your motivation can soar if only  you are open to the possibility.  Cheering yourself on, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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