How to deal with frustration

This past week  for me has been one of technical difficulties and handling the frustration that sometimes bubbles up inside me from those frustrating moments that threaten to drag me down into negativity and inaction.  Or worse anger.

But… I don’t think I am alone in these feeling.  I hear from people quite often that they also experience the same kind of feelings and reactions.  So, today I wanted to share my best tips for coming out on the other side of mounting frustration.

Step 1: Be here NOW.

So often when we are frustrated, it often means we are thinking about someplace in the future.

Somewhere you wish you were or inevitably reliving some past error and bad decision.

The best advice I can give you is to recognize where you are at in your head at that very moment. Then, calm down by focusing your mind, and your attention, on what is right now, right here at this moment.

I usually do that by focusing 100% for 1-2 minutes on my breathing or on what is around me at this very moment with all my senses.

Step 2: Appreciate what you do have.

After you’ve pulled your attention back to where it can be most helpful, then focus it on what is still positive in your life.

The quickest and easiest way to do so is to focus it on appreciating what you do have.  Maybe it is your health, your family, your friends, a job, food on the table, etc.

And a favorite of mine during this step is to think about the important things I sometimes take for granted. Like a great job I love, a roof over my head, plenty of drinkable water and not having to go hungry.

Step 3: Focus on what you can do right now.

With your attention in the present moment and your mood in a more grateful and positive place, it’s now time to get constructive about what is frustrating you.

You can do that by asking yourself:

  1. What’s one small step I can take right now to improve this situation?  Focus on what you CAN control.
  2. It may be to think about what frustrates you and to try another path towards your goal.   Look at the issue from different perspectives.
  3. Or it could be to try one more time and to keep going (because not all things in life will come to you the first, second or third time you try).

All of these things have helped me to move forward many times, away from the frustration and towards where I’m now at the end of the week: pretty satisfied with how things worked out with my technical challenges and frustrations.

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