16. How To Bounce Back From Low Self-Esteem

To all of you out there struggling with self-esteem, I see you. Today’s conversation is for all of you struggling. Listen to podcast now >>HERE<<

Low or lack-esteem is experienced by so many people in all walks of life, income brackets and all level of talent and training.

“Self-esteem has nothing to do with your talents, but everything to do with HOW you value yourself.”

How is that possible?

Many reasons some related to childhood others related to adult situations like a difficult relationship or a difficult work environment. Sometimes even from being told over and over that you are simply not good enough.

>> Good News is that you can change that mindset patience and small steps. <<

1. Identify & challenge negative thoughts
2. Identify all your positive points
3. Build positive relationships
4. Give yourself a break

The biggest point is to take small steps and be aware of how you think and what you tell yourself.

I believe in you and so can you!

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