What Cultivates Persistence?

What drives people to do truly tough things or go against great odds?

If you examine people who get through tough times or succeed despite everything against them, the one thing that stands out is “passion”.   Passion propels people to endure and persist.  Passion is a fuel that may not blind them to the hardships they see or experience, but passion feeds them in a way that helps propels them through the pain, disappointment, and hardships that may be thrust upon them.

Obviously not everyone has a passion for something or anything for that matter, but that is not to say that a person can not find their “passion”.   Finding your passion just takes a bit of work, but then doesn’t everything worth having take a bit of passion?

Passion is something inside you that gets you going, an intrinsic calling you either have or you don’t.  Some people discover their passion in life early, some later in life.

My passion was discovered when I saw my mom after open-heart surgery in 1996.   That experience propelled me into volunteering with the American Heart Association 21 years ago.   A passion I still have and contribute to every single year with my volunteer work.

Passion is not something that just comes to you though.  A passion for anything requires you looking around and experiencing life and stepping outside your comfort zone.  Passion is discovered through action and hard work.   My passion for women’s heart issues came about after I started volunteering.  Yes, my mom’s journey was the root, but the passion developed inside me after watching her health decline over the years and hearing so many other women’s stories. A passion that I have continued regardless of where I live.

4 Strategies to Discover Your Own Passion

  1. Think about your childhood hopes and dreams.
  2. Make a bucket list of things you want to achieve.
  3. Create an inspiration board around the question “what is my passion?”.
  4. Join a group to learn more about their mission.

Embrace each of the above strategies.  Ask questions of people and then really listen.  Research and participate, but above all invest the time into each opportunity.   Passion is not a thing that you just pick and start.   Passion is something that takes hold inside you and grows daily, then propels you forward and at the same time cocoons you against the pitfalls.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines wondering “what if?” ! Are you tired of low self-confidence? Wonder why others are getting promoted or getting more clients or heck, even getting a new job offer? Does speaking up leave you feeling overwhelmed? NOW is the time to bet on yourself.

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