17. Why Standing In Your Truth Can Be A Game-Changer

Let’s start this discussion off with a question…

What would it feel like to have people see the REAL you? Ready to listen now >>HERE<<

Yes, the real you… For this conversation, let’s specifically target your professional life. In this podcast, I dive into how hiding parts of ourselves can actually be more harmful to our professional success.

But, I also stress why and, most importantly, HOW you can use those parts to strategically set yourself apart from your competition. Competition meaning co-workers up for same promotion as you, job seekers applying for the same job or even prospective clients you are competing for.

I also get real real, yes real… about how much energy it can drain from you when you hide parts of yourself. I talk about how (and why) I did that very thing for 5 years at my job and just how exhausting it truly was.

People hide parts of their lives for so many reasons:

  • Shame
  • Fear
  • Low self-confidence
  • Not even realizing they are hiding
  • And so many other reasons

My friends, stand in your truth and be crystal clear in how that truth makes you a better person, a stronger person and, most especially, the right person.

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