Getting Ahead By Leading With Your Authentic Self

Have you felt at times like you were wearing a mask?

Or that you had to forsake your happiness to stay employed?

Years ago, I was at a job that I hated, literally hated.  I was pretending to like the job, even though I was miserable.   Worse, I had to pretend to like the people I worked with.  All of these “masks” for the sake of a paycheck, while my heart felt so heavy and the stress was amplified.

What specifically does it mean to be true to your authentic self?

  1. Knowing specifically what type of work makes you happy.

“The average human spends more than 90,000 hours of his/her life working.”

If we spend all that time working, then it makes sense for us to find work that we can take pride in and be happy in the process.  Yes, it does take self-exploration and soul searching to identify which work path allows you to bring our true self forward.  In the long run though, being happy and proud of your work will make you happy in your heart.

2) Authentic leaders produce the best teams and best results.   If your employees sense that you are pretending to be something you’re not, then it will be harder to get your employees to want to be better themselves or even follow your lead.  High productivity in a team comes from trust and dedication and that starts from the top down.  Both of those qualities are present when the leaders at the top show authenticity.

3) Long-term relationships and better relationships, in general, are critical to success in business or your career.   When you are honest about who you are, what your passions are and what you value, then you attract and cultivate great relationships.   Those type of relationships in your network foster more engagement and people willing to help you.

Being authentic, however, is not a license to be rude or make people uncomfortable.   Professionalism is still a good practice and knowing how to tactfully maneuver a conversation.

In the end, the most impactful part of being more authentic is to really dive deep into the area of work that means the most to you.   It took me 25 years and literally a circle in my life to finally figure out what I love to do.   However, the road to happiness is never-ending as we are all constantly changing as a result of our work, interactions with people and the events that shape our lives.

But until the next exit on the road, here’s to being authentic and happy right now!

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