My Journey to Discover happiness

In November of 2019, I found myself shooting an event for a local Houston charity. As I was standing there watching everyone dance after dinner, I suddenly realized that I was watching life happen and not actually participating in life. It was at that moment that I realized that as happy as I looked on a regular basis, I really did not feel happy.

Such began my journey to change my life for happiness and not for more stuff or more money.

For me, happiness was the state I grew up in… Tennessee and the city of Memphis. I yearned to be back with my long-time friends enjoying groups dinners. I missed being active with my alma mater, the University of Memphis, and especially Memphis basketball. All of this led me to make the decision and the actual move back to Tennessee in August of 2020.

Did I find happiness with the move? Yes, I did and I found a peace that I didn’t realize was missing.

“It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Happiness, I believe, is always a work in progress and never final. We must listen to our hearts and our soul as we continue to discover what brightens up our being.

For me, the following are tips and suggestions that I have used and believe in:

  1. Take joy from the simple things in life, like a walk on the beach or a great dinner with old friends.
  2. Make time for things that make you laugh. There will always be work and obligations.
  3. Practice looking inwards
  4. Be more open with friends and family. Being vulnerable is not a bad thing.
  5. Learn to love yourself first and foremost.

I don’t think we are all ever truly happy to a point where we can stop thinking about it. If there is anything that 2020 taught me, life is too short and we must start doing more of what lights our soul up.

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