Happiness: The Little Things Matter

Every day we get up and have the opportunity to choose happiness, but for many seeing that choice is hard.

Happiness is a choice, and while some may not agree with me, in reality, it is true.

So how does one choose happiness?

Happiness comes from the little things that we do, and those little things add up to a power shift in our mood and thus our actions.

  • How we speak to others and how we speak to ourselves is critical
  • How do we view situations, for example, is the “glass half-full or half-empty”
  • The morning routine we have and the evening routine
  • Do we take regular breaks from work

For me, happiness starts in the morning with my coffee routine. I take joy in making my coffee with a french press and being a tad indulgent with the contents. I use maca powder, Bulletproof brain oil, and chocolate caramel creamer plus a few other items in my coffee. I’ve discovered that those 10-15 minutes every day brightens my morning and my day.

Another thing I do is end my day with a walk outside when the temps are warmer. The shift from being inside to outside immediately brightens my mood and my energy level. For those that say that never have time, my answer is to you is simple, make the time. I purposefully schedule my day so I can stop at 4-5 pm every day and walk. I make walking a priority because I also make other tasks a priority and arrange my schedule so I can complete everything I need to in the day.

So, my friend, how can you add small details to your day that brighten your mood and help your mindset improve?