Using LinkedIn To Highlight Your Strengths and Focus Your Audience

As humans, it’s natural to want everyone to see our very best. That desire to project our best is stressed starting in early childhood, and I’m confident that people have told you to make a great first impression throughout your life. Making a great first impression often translates into a bigger and better outcome, either professional or personal. 

“In school, you are graded on every test—even if it’s your weakest subject.  In life, you can choose the tests you take—even if they always play to your strengths.  Maintain a baseline so your weak areas don’t hold you back, but design your life so you are graded on your strengths.”

– James Clear, Author of the #1 worldwide bestseller, “Atomic Habits”

That advice is on point. However, when the topic is professional strategies, many people think they’re bragging, which can be uncomfortable. The other scenario is people only list their job duties. I was just as guilty as the next person until I learned how to SHOW my strengths in a better format with a clear and concise narrative.

The LinkedIn platform gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your professional strengths, control your own narrative and how millions of people see you.

Below are great starting points in specific sections on your LinkedIn profile where you can showcase your strengths and highlight your most strategic accomplishments:

  • Summary:  This is the spot where your can tell your story.  A story built around your core values and highlighting your top 3 strengths.   Basically here you are selling everyone clearly on “why they should hire you”.
  • Work Experience: Don’t simply list your accomplishments and responsibilities, consider weaving in your strengths. When you add your strengths in to the narrative it likewise adds a more human dimension as you stress the way your strengths underlay your contributions in each role.
  • Volunteer Experience: Many people have held high-level leadership roles in their professional, business, and community organizations. Use the description section of the volunteer position to share those strengths you utilized during your time in these roles.
  • Skills: Not all 34 strengths are found when you type “Add a Skill,” but some are.   Choose your absolute top 3, however, choosing all 34 will not add any value and could water down your skills listing in general.
  • Recommendations: This is where you will need to ask for what you want.  When you ask people to write you a recommendation, ask them to include specific strengths. This approach can be particularly effective because someone else is attributing that strength to you. It also makes people more enthusiastic about writing recommendations when they have some direction in terms of what you’d like them to include.
  • Accomplishments: Include your strengths in the descriptions of your honors and awards, the organizations you belong to, the projects you have completed, and the articles, book chapters or books you have had published.

When we learn to clearly showcase our strengths, more opportunities will open up for you.  When the public can see your value and understand what you bring to the table, more opportunities will be afforded you.  In today’s world marketing yourself is impact when you understand your value and how to clearly communicate to others.  Making a great first impression starts with YOU.

>>Watch<< below for a bit more motivation to help you focus your audience.