21. In our rush to the finish line

In this >>EPISODE<<, I dive into our wants and how they drive our mindset thus pushing us along too fast for own good.

I think as a society we’re always in a hurry.  Running from one activity to another.  Consuming one tv show or movie after another.  Heck even wanting to binge watch an entire season of a tv show.


Because we want the results faster.  The feeling quicker.  We ultimately want to be on the road to the next best thing.

In some ways Covid did help us connect better to one another, but in other ways it vastly increased our thirst to consume at a much greater rate regardless if the situation is better or worse for us.

Week after week i hear people talk about how they want to hurry up and get a job, or a promotion or a new client. I get that really I do.  We all want to make money and pay our bills.  However, the urge to hurry and achieve is not always favorable for us and doesn’t always work out best for us.

Let’s look at job search…   what i hear is people wanting every interview to offer them a job regardless if that’s the best job for them.   And then being utterly disappointed if no job offer is extended.  All the while focusing on what they could’ve done wrong, why weren’t they picked, what’s wrong with them.  It all comes down to mindset and what we tell ourselves.

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