what is a brand versus a business

Your brand and your business are separate, yet they are vastly intertwined.

Your brand IS a function of your business, yet it’s not the entirety of your business.

Your brand is the feeling, associations, stories and even the promises that you make.

Your business is the tangible parts like your resources, your staff and employees, then there is how your business is structured and how you distribute your products.

Your brand can not work without your business and the business will ultimately fail without a strong and clear brand.

With your brand, you are focused on building your credibility, improve your “image” and raise awareness about your business.

Your business focus is to increase the margin, market shares, spread out to newer climes and grow year after year.

You can not have one without the other – they work off each other to make your successful.

And one can not fix the other if it’s bad, unstructured or unplanned.

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