Are you ready to Plan out an epic 2021?

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Life feels a little overwhelming at this moment, right?

Oh, friend, resist the urge to jump back on the couch in your pjs and pick up that bowl of cereal, because I’m gonna show you how to minimize your stress and anxiety!

Join me in this live class, as I walk you through Creating An Epic 2021

✔️ Imagine how freeing it’ll feel when you have an organized plan.

✔️ Think of how awesome it’ll be to know exactly what your goals are for the year, each month and more.

✔️ And the best part is feeling confident entering this new year with a plan, specific goals and a strategy to get it all done.

It can be your reality… and I’m going to walk you through step-by-step and show you HOW and you are going to do the work in class.

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Thursday, Dec 17, 2020

2 time slots available below: 1pm CST or 6pm CST

Coming January 2021

Mindset, An Intensive 6 Week Workshop

What People Say

Sandy is an excellent instructor with a true passion for the betterment and success of her students.

Keith Zuerlein – Scrum Master, Business Analyst

She encouraged me to be innovative, organized and proactive in job search (and of course all aspects of life). I used her principle of “do not go with the crowd” and it worked!

Zayyana Shehu – Construction Mgr, Amazon

Sandy was extremely helpful in teaching me how to use social media. She understands the field and knows how to help others in dealing with it.

Stanley Santire – Lawyer

Sandy is able to really engage her students in the subject matter and leave them walking away from the class having really learned something.

Stephanie Cavanaugh – LinkedIN consultant, writer, teacher

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