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So, I hear you’re looking for a speaker. 

Sandy Adams is a social media brand strategist, speaker, educator, podcast host and award-winning portrait photographer.

Her journey officially started in 2010 when she left her corporate job and went on a six-week road trip with her one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Lucy.

Hailing from a small Tennessee town and growing up on a farm, Sandy has found a zest for life and brings that across in her classes and speaking events.

Moving Memphis to Houston and back to Memphis has given Sandy a well-rounded view of life and business.

Sandy creates a highly engaging and motivational experience for audiences that is never canned and is always deeply personal while highly actionable. She loves making a real difference in people’s lives by empowering them to believe in themselves and inspiring them to take the actions that will change their lives.

She writes and speaks regularly addressing topics around LinkedIn branding, mindset, motivation and empowering women to build their personal brands.

A Memphis native where the love of basketball is a staple of the community, Sandy regularly speaks and writes on the subject of athlete branding, NIL and how small businesses can build partnerships locally.


Growing up talking about anything and everything was my jam. Couple that with my passion for personal branding and helping others benefit from the LinkedIn platform as much as I have, and it’s speaking magic for your next event. 

I deliver powerful and engaging talks to groups as small as ten. The power of personal branding on LinkedIn is universally applicable, and I’ve been fortunate to speak to groups across industries, from real estate professionals, students, and athletes, to gutsy entrepreneurs and creative business women. 


JS1o1 WOrkshop

Join us for brand new JS101 classes with a different approach for today’s modern job seekers.

Event Facilitators: Sandy Adams and Royce Thomason

Virtual class via Zoom

👉🏻 Thursday, May 4, 2023 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm CT

👉🏻 Friday, June 2, 2023 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm CT

Learn more or register >>HERE!<< Workshop registration will open soon!


April 2023

Why Should They Hire You + Other Interview Strategies with Sandy Adams

👉🏻 Thurs, April 27 | 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CT | Zoom Class

Register >>HERE<<

This zoom class will cover effective interview strategies to help you land your dream job. We’ll discuss common interview questions and how to answer them confidently, as well as how to make a positive first impression and stand out from other candidates.

Join Sandy to gain valuable tips and insights for your job search.

May 2023

Inclusive Women of Excellence Entrepreneurship Summit

👉🏻 May 15-19, 2023 | 7 pm EST / 6 pm CST

Learn more or register >>HERE!<<

FREE 5-day virtual event for women who are ready to begin their entrepreneurial journeys

The world needs more diverse women entrepreneurs with different talents and skill sets.

what they are saying

“Before Sandy, I always thought networking was only reserved for ultra-outgoing or “lucky” people and it would never work for introverts like me. Sandy empowered me and challenged me to go beyond my fears and doubts. So even when I was scared, I dared to network. In her words, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Not getting a response back? That’s OK. Because when you take the chance and do get a response, it is sooo wonderful! My motto became being fearless and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And in doing so, I landed my dream job that I ABSOLUTELY love. And the way I am now able to show up fearlessly and confidently makes a whole world of difference in my career. Thank you, Sandy!zalli Studio are incredible when it comes to providing the best digital marketing services.”

Ami D.
Finance Mgr., Amazon

“If integrity and authenticity had a face, one would see Sandy smiling brilliantly. Passionate, driven, steadfastly committed and inherently empathetic with others. Sandy’s natural gifts know no limits, and she pulls zero punches when it comes to her work ethic and delivery. When Sandy speaks with you, she has a way of addressing that which goes unsaid, but most is important. She is a spark of motivation, inspiration, and relentless innovation. The world is a brighter place with her in it.”

Mikaela Schumacher
Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur


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